How To Make Sure That Every Letter, Article, Report, or Email You Compose is Written in Perfect English

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WhiteSmoke detected:
3 spelling errors and 7 grammar errors

Grammar Checker Screenshot

MS Word detected only:
2 spelling errors and 2 grammar errors

MS Word Screenshot
You may wonder how this tool compares to MS Word's built-in grammar checker. We ran a sample text through our grammar checker and MS Word. See the results above.
NOTE: When it comes to your writing, you can't leave anything to chance. Grammar and spelling errors at work, or when writing to colleagues or friends, can reflect negatively on your readers' perception of you. By writing professional, rich, and accurate English using our writing solution, you can impress your environment - especially people you have never met, who will perceive you as intelligent, professional, and trustworthy - a vital necessity in today's online communication world.