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Write professional English, any time

  As you send out more grammatically correct correspondences without errors, not only will your ability to communicate effectively be enhanced but also your reputation, as your ability to write proper English grows tremendously.

Cut your writing time in half

  If you spend time rewriting or editing your reports or other correspondences, grammar correction software can save you a lot of time by automating these tedious tasks.

Improve your writing skills

  As you use this software, it can help to teach you to improve your writing naturally. It's like having a virtual writing teacher built into your computer.

Write more creatively and persuasively

  Grammar correction software not only corrects your errors, it suggests alternative words and ways to phrase things correctly. So you can write more creatively, which also means you can be more persuasive.

Broaden your vocabulary

  The integrated tutor checks your grammar, spelling, and gives feedback as you write. If English is not your first language, but you have a need to communicate clearly in this language, this is the perfect solution for you. Not only to write but also to learn English. You can write down the basic ideas of what you need to say, while the software will read and correct your mistakes and suggest alternatives.

Impress your environment

  Impress your teachers, your boss, and your friends just by clicking a button. Instantly, you will sound more professional and you will ensure that your message gets across the way you intend.

Achieve your goals

  Transform your broken English into a work of art and impress everyone with perfect essays, emails, or letters - every single time.