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Detect The Most Difficult To Spot Writing Mistakes And Start Writing Professional, Rich, And Accurate English

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Check, correct, and enrich your writing with one simple mouse click.
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  • Check Grammar
    Find even difficult to spot grammar mistakes:
    • Dangling modifiers
    • Comma splices
    • Run-on sentences
    • Sentence fragments
  • Check Punctuation
    Correct embarrassing punctuation mistakes:
    • Comma errors
    • Apostrophe errors
    • Confusing modifiers


  • Check Spelling
    Correct and find spelling mistakes:
    • Misspelled words
    • Non-existing words
    • Embarrassing typos


  • Improve Style
    Improve sentence structure and find better words.
  • Proofread Anywhere
    Check and correct online on any device.
    • Export/Print/Send Results
    • Save yourself editing time!
  • Improve Skills
    Comprehensive writing feedback in a final review.
    • incl. Writing Score
    • Learn as you write!
  • Instant Reports
    Detects over 260 types of mistakes.


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"The ultimate English writing and proofreading software."
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"This innovative, patent-pending technology is suitable
for native and non-native English speakers alike."
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Advanced Grammar Checker
The most powerful grammar checker on the market.
Contextual Spell Checker
Contextual spell-checking and an up to date word pool.
Style Checker
Improve your writing style, vocabulary, and sentence structure.
Writing Review
Learn from your mistakes and advance your skills at one go.
Text Enrichment Engine
Get relevant adjectives and adverbs when you need them.
Contextual Vocabulary
Enhance text fragments with context-optimized suggestions
Detect Plagiarism
Checks your text for plagiarism and helps you to prevent it.
Works Everywhere works everywhere

"I love it. You guys have come up with a great and easy to use product that helps me polish the pieced together emails I usually send out at work. Well done."

Mark Stewart, UK

"I found your English writing software amazingly useful when writing content for my blog. It drastically improved word flow and has picked up even difficult to spot sentence structuring mistakes. Totally recommended!"

Mary-Anne Carver, US

"English is not my first language, so I was looking for something to fix my grammar mistakes. It is a real help. Keep up the good work!"

Markus Bremer, Germany

"I work online and have to communicate with English speakers on a regular basis. I had problems getting the jobs I applied for, so I searched for something to correct my English texts to make sure that I only send out properly written correspondence. Thanks it helps me so much!"

Suresh Abbas, India

"I was looking for something more advanced than the Word spell checker and found this to be finding much more errors than the other solutions out there."

Nora Brenner, Switzerland

"I couldn't speak better of any product than this one. I've cut my proofreading time in half and am now able to take up many more projects than before. It's a very useful tool in my current arsenal as a proofreader. Something that I wouldn't want to miss today."

Sam Schwartz, US

"As a traveling journalist I was looking for something to use with my iPad as well as my notebook. This one was the only one that really worked on both of my machines. I like it and so does my daughter, who's still in school."

Peter Karlstadt, Sweden

"I like it because it doesn't slow down my computer like other programs. It was able to catch many more errors than MS Word's grammar checker was able to, which is neat."

Jenna Masterson, US

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